What we do

Search for suitable second-hand equipment

As part of an international machine dealer association, ProServ International has got access to one of the largest data banks about second-hand equipment and plants worldwide. If the plant or equipment the customers are looking for is for sale anywhere in the world, ProServ International will find it and make it available to their customers.

Inspection and selection

The following questions must be answered when buying second-hand equipment:

  • Is the equipment seen from it’s design, size and characteristics matching with the project requirements?

  • What is in view of the actual condition of the equipment required to recondition and modify the equipment in accordance

  • To the project requirements and how much will this cost?

  • How much will it cost to relocate, restart and operate the equipment efficiently?

Important basis for the selection of the right equipment and the budgeting of the project is a careful inspection. ProServ International offers the skills and experience to judge the condition of the equipment with respect to its suitability for restart and operation and is able to give a professional expertise and provisional cost budget.


Establishing and negotiating of complete and correct purchase contracts under consideration of the applicable local laws and regulations is an important basis for the successful execution of this project step. ProServ International will support the customers to manage this challenge professionally.

Project Management of removal, export and shipment 

Handling hundreds, sometimes thousands of tons of partly sensitive material and equipment requires professional planning, supervising and controlling of match-marking, dismantling, packing, loading, export and shipment of the equipment in a controlled manner in order to maintain transparency and to save time and cost.


Before start of any dismantling activities the existing engineering documents must be checked with respect to completeness and correctness in accordance with the actual installation situation because these documents form the essential basis for the new engineering of the plant. ProServ International has got the experts and experience to handle this challenge for their customers. 

From basic to detailed engineering, ProServ International and its partners offer the entire scope of engineering required for the re-erection, commissioning and start-up of the plant. 

Matchmarking and registration of equipment

The complete matchmarking and registration of all the equipment which shall be dismantled and shipped is the fundamentally important basis for the economical and planned handling, shipment, storage, reinstallation and re-start at the new location.

Dismantling, Packing, Loading and Shipping

Second-hand equipment must be very carefully dismantled, handled, packed and shipped in order to maintain its condition and capabilities. ProServ International pays attention to this at all times of this decisive project step and considers that the cost for repair and replacement of a damaged part can be multiple of its procurement cost as a second-hand part.


The renovation, upgradation and modification of second-hand plants include a large number of different suppliers and service providers from all over the world. Handling such tasks in accordance to a time and cost bound project plan and under consideration of specific quality and safety requirements is one of the special services which ProServ International offers. The entire procurement process is handled strictly transparent and assures a time and budget-conform procurement including the required quality controls.