About Us

Proserv International GmbH & Co. KG, Nideggen/Germany was founded in 1995 by Norbert Schröder (1953-2022), who had before accumulated 20 years of business experience in paper machine technology and international sales with renown machine builders like HOESCH-BLACK-CLAWSON, VOITH-DÖRRIES and BRUDERHAUS MASCHINENFABRIK.

Norbert Schröder


The company founder's vast experience in designing and delivering new machines as well as rebuilding existing machines for paper mills all over the world, which he had collected in his career, formed the basis for the new challenge as an entrepreneur.

First the company concentrated mainly on services in connection with projects based on second-hand machines, like feasibility studies, project budgeting, project management as well as the organisation and executions of machine relocations. In 2000, following the increasing demand from customers, it was decided, beside the before mentioned services, to enter into the field of second-hand machine trading and brokerage.

Professional handling and transparency in all dealings worked well for the PROSERV-team when negotiating with its international clients. Mr. Schröder's well-earned reputation as a dedicated, fair and honest business man in close co-operation with 12 like-minded and renown machine dealers, lead to the formation of PIDA (Paper Industry Dealers' Association).

Norbert Schröder was one of the key persons behind the foundation of PIDA and was acting as elected chairman for the first 4 years of the association. The formation of this dealers' association created the world largest pool of second-hand machines for the pulp and paper industry to which PROSERV INTERNATIONAL has got unlimited access. PROSERV INTERNATIONAL's main aim is to turn second-hand machine sales into a controlled, transparent and economically foreseeable business transaction.

Following the sudden death of Norbert Schröder in November 2022, his long-time business partner and friend, Shahram Aslani, has taken over the management of ProServ. The transition to a new generation was already initiated during Norbert Schröder's lifetime. This ensures both the future of the company with its good employees and the future provision of ProServ's services.

The Team

Shahram Aslani


Frank R. Ruepp


Christina Bergs

Commercial Director

Alessa Neyer

Sales & Procurement

Britta Stockheim

Sales & Marketing