Paper Machine Fourdrinier Make Voith 3300 mm


Paper Machine Fourdrinier Make Voith 3300 mm


Fourdriner, Duoformer for coated and uncoated base paper

Machine configuration is ideal for a cost- and time efficient rebuild for brown packaging grades like Fluting, Corrugated Medium, Testliner and White Liner.

Made by:                    Voith, 1969

Working width:           3300 mm

Capacity:                    220-300 tpd

Speed:                      700 m/min

Basis weight range:   53-350 g/m²

Scope of equipment:

Approach Flow system, Broke system, Headbox, Wire Part with Hybrid Former, Press Part, Pre-Dryer Part, Quality Control Scanner, Size press, After-Dryer part, Steam & Condensate System, Hood & Ventilation System, Machine-Calander Part, Web-Quality Control System, Web-Inspection System, Pope Reeler with reel spool magazine, Vacuum System, Central Oil Lubrication System, Complete Paper Machine Multi-Motor Drive


Machine stopped March 2021

excellent condition

located in Germany

The sale of this machine is subject to liquidation proceedings

and will be sold in cooperation with the auction house Dechow.

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Stock NumberPM2-98