Pulp Dryer - Ahlström, Valmet - 3720 mm


Pulp Dryer - Ahlström, Valmet - 3720 mm


The Pulp Dryer was in operation after complete overhaul in 2015/16 with all new bearings and roll-covers and complete new SPS7-Control, for 7 months only, then Mill was shut due to bankruptcy. The Pulp Dryer could be used to supply different plants at different places. It can produce conventional bales or Scandinavian domestic types. After carefully matchmaking and 3D scanning, the machine was dismantled by an expert team and loaded into 70 containers. The containers are safely stored in a warehouse in Lyon, France.


ModelSheet Flakt Dryer - Valmet and Flakt
Stock NumberSPA-336
Building yearInstalled & overhauled in 2016
Dryer typePulp Dryer, Sheet Flakt Dryer  - Valmet and Flakt
BalingSupplier SUNDS
Plant actual net capacity400 ADmt/d
Basis weight range700 – 1100 BD g/m²
Operating speed design range70 - 130 m/min
Sheet width at cutter3720 mm
Number of sheets at cutter6 pcs
Pulp sheet size620 slit x 800 cut mm
Number of baling lines1 pc
Number of unit binders1 pc
Number of wires per bale2 pc
Bale weight250 kg (AD)
Bales per stack / unit4 / 8 pcs
Unit weight2 tons
General and spare partsIncluded as far as available
Technical documentationIncluded as far as available
ConditionMatch marked, dismatled and loaded in container, excellent condition
LocationLyon, France
Date of shutFerbruary 2017