(PMA-248) - Roll storage Wöhr

(PMA-248) - Roll storage Wöhr

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Intermediate reel storage facility,

made by Wöhr in 2006,

rebuilt in 2013 -> tower storage

approx. 623 storage spaces,

storage capacity approx. 9,000 t,

tower height max. 13.5 m

storage and retrieval capacity approx. 6 reels/h,

core diam. 70 - 306 mm,

2 discharge stations, each with 4 discharge link belts,

approx. 1,500 mm wide, approx. 2 x 2,000 mm long,

2 x 1,500 mm long, with driven roller conveyors,

approx. 1,500 mm wide, approx. 2,000 mm long

The sale of this machine is subject to liquidation proceedings

and will be sold in cooperation with the auction house Dechow.

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Stock NumberPMA-248