Coating machine offline (CX8) - 2130 mm

No longer available

Coating machine offline (CX8) - 2130 mm


Manufacture: different

Year of make 1989

Type “Chromolux system (CX8)”

Working width: Max. 2130 mm

Equipped with:

·     Unwinding station with 2 unwind stands

·     Base paper measuring station

·     Caordboard back feeder

·     Coating group with automatic air brush

·     Colour circulation

·     Colour wire

·     Dryer unit with hot air

·     Water press

·     High-gloss press with chrome and rubber cylinder

·     Conditioner,

·     Flatness correction unit

·     Cross cutter, made Jagenberg, type synchro, 4 slitters, sorter, reject conveyor, 2-row output sorting, 2 output stations

·     Various switchboards and control panels

·     Media supply

The sale of this machine is subject to liquidation proceedings

and will be sold in cooperation with the auction house Dechow.

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Stock NumberFHC-43